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Dr. Michael Berger, Counsellor of the Commercial Office of Austrian Embassy in China, visited SXPI


On May 11,Dr. Michael Berger,Counsellor of the Commercial Office of Austrian Embassy in China, visited SXPI. SXPI president, Mr.Liu Yongliang,Vice president, Mr. Mei Chuangshe and the main leaders of relevant departments met the guests in the conference room.

After watching the video feature of SXPI,Mr.Liu Yongliang first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Michael Berger. He introduced SXPI from its school-running history, educational philosophy,teaching achievements and the current situation of international cooperationand exchanges. Besides, he expressed his willingness to further cooperate with Austria in the field of vocational education.

Dr. Michael Berger expressed his appreciation for SXPI in its school-running philosophy and achievements. He affirmed that the school-enterprise cooperation and integration running mode of SXPI is highly similar to Austria’s “dual system” talent training mode. He believed that the two sides have a good foundation and potential for cooperation in the field of vocational education. He wished the cooperation between the two sides a complete success.

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Bergerand his accompanies also visited some representative training bases of SXPI, including automobile engineering and service technology training center, CNC machining training center, etc.



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