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SXPI Teachers Won the Honor of Master Teachers in Shaanxi


Recently,Shaanxi Provincial Government published the notice on commending the 12th master teachers in Shaanxi TVET Institutions. SXPI teachers, Professor Yin Fengshe and Professor Zhang Cuihua won the honor.The selection of master teachers was carried out through a series of severe procedures and 36 teachers in Shaanxi Province were finally selected.

The Faculty Team, Four Levels and Three Modes

On the construction of faculty team,SXPI has established a four-levelclassified training system for young teachers, backbone teachers, professional leaders and leading talents in accordance with the concept of “morality first, advocating technology, cultivating master teachers and building an elite team”.Besides, SXPI has implementedthree modeson the construction of faculty team, including the construction of double-leaders, double-qualified professional teachers and bilingual teachers.Now, it has formed a mature teaching team with professional leaders as the guide,backbone teachers as the main force,young teachers as the reserve force and part-time teachers as the supplement.Through such a well-developed system, each teacher in SXPI has a sense of responsibility, happiness and achievement.

The Influence of Faculty Resources

The faculty resources of SXPI ranks first in Shaanxi TVET institutions.So far,It has one national teaching team,one national teaching innovation team for TVET education teachers,one national“ten thousand talents plan” teaching master,one national teaching master,one national model teacher, three national excellent teachers, one national moral model, one national teaching model, two national advanced vocational education individuals, two national excellent educators,three outstanding teachers of Huang Yan-pei vocational education,two provincial outstanding contribution experts,sixteen provincial famous teachers,nine provincial teaching teams,four provincial excellent teachers,five provincial technical experts,etc. Meanwhile, one teacher was elected as the national supervisor and sixty-nine teachers are serving as the Chairman and members of the National Commission of industry and education,many were shortlisted in the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Provincial Higher Vocational Education expert database.

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