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SXPI Won the "Top 50 International Influence of Intelligent Robot Professional Group" in TVET Institutions of China


On November 22, the "2020 Global Unmanned SystemConference" and the "Intelligent Robot Education Industry Education Integration Summit Forum" sponsored by China Artificial Intelligence Society were held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province.The Industrial Robot Technology Specialty of Aeronautical Engineering school, SXPI,won the honorary title of "Top 50 International Influence of Intelligent Robot Professional Group in Higher Vocational Colleges of China".

The selection is carried out with the support of the International Society of Engineering Education, aiming at enriching the connotation construction of intelligent robot specialty group, creating demonstration of specialty group construction, and improving the comprehensive school running strength of TVET institutions.In recent years, based on the strategy of“Intelligent Manufacturing in China 2025”, SXPI has continuously improved the professional social service ability and influence from the aspects of talent training mode innovation, teaching resources construction, technology competitions, etc. It has been recognized as "Shaanxi Provincial Examination and Management Center of Industrial Robot Application Programming 1 + X Skill Level Certificate" and "Industrial Robot Application Talent Training Center of the Ministry of Education".

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