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SXPI Held the Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary


In November, SXPI held the Exhibition of calligraphy and painting works to celebrate the 70th anniversary.

The exhibition collects calligraphy and painting works from all the students of SXPI, including soft and hard calligraphy, sketch, watercolor and traditional Chinese painting. All kinds of works are quite creative and lifelike.The watercolor scenery is vivid, the ink peony is flourishing and charming, the sketch still life reflects the superb modeling skills, and the calligraphy works such as official script, regular script and running script contain the character of Chinese literati. The students express their aspirations to achieve dreams and deep love for SXPI in different ways. They either write the school motto in brushes or beautify their youth with colors.

This activity supplies a good chance for students to show their talents and presents blessings to SXPI in the form of calligraphy and painting exhibition, which also helps to enhance the students' humanistic spirit and conveys the joy of the 70th anniversary of the founding of SXPI.

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