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SXPI Won the "2020 China's Top 50 World Competitiveness Vocational Colleges"


On November 19, at the 5th World Vocational Education Conference and Exhibition held in Qingdao, SXPI was awarded the honor of "2020 China's Top 50 World Competitiveness Vocational Colleges".

This award aims to recognize those vocational colleges that have made outstanding achievements and contributions in promoting the development of world vocational education and international exchanges and cooperation. The selection activity was jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of the World Vocational Education Conference, the International Association for Certification of Vocational Competence Standards, and more than ten international institutions.

In recent years,SXPI has promoted the exchange and cooperation with the world's top vocational colleges, enhanced the international influence, and laid a good foundation for the construction of world-famous Higher Vocational Colleges by vigorously implementing the international training of teachers and students, introducing international high-quality education resources, cooperating with "enterprises" going out and expanding the international circle.

So far,the world vocational education conference and exhibition has been successfully held for four times. Focusing on the quality improvement, international exchange and innovative development of vocational education, the conference is committed to displaying the achievements of China in the field of vocational education, sharing the advanced experience of international vocational education, and promoting the modern development of vocational education.

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