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SXPI Welcomed the First Batch of Undergraduates


On September 15,SXPI held the opening ceremony for the first batch of undergraduates in the academic hall. Leaders of the partner colleges, Xi’an Polytechnic University,Weinan Normal University and Yulin University as well as SXPI leaders attended the ceremony.

Based on the talent cultivation program of joint undergraduate colleges,this joint education integrates the research results of undergraduate level education and the “Double High”(High Vocational Colleges and Majors with High Level and Unique Chinese Characteristics)construction background of SXPI.Through this innovative teaching mode,it’s expected to realize the cultivation of quality talents with technical skills and innovative abilities.

SXPI President, Mr. Liu Yongliang, extended his welcome and sincere congratulations to the freshman. He introduced the development and achievements of SXPI from four points,including the profound school-running history,the craftsman spirit,the good partnership and the high reputations.He gave high expectations for the new students,“I hope that you can adhere to SXPI school motto of being virtuous, diligent, refined and sturdy, seeking truth in knowledge, pursing depth in learning and carrying forward innovation spirits. You should keep the unity of knowledge and action. Do remember to internalize values, ideas and passion in mind and externalize them in practice to realize your lofty ideals.”

SXPI Vice President, Mr.Mei Chuangshe further introduced the comprehensive condition of SXPI from three aspects: first acquaintance with SXPI,better understanding of SXPI and final achieving in SXPI. He encouraged the freshmen to achieve their dreams and get fruitful results through unremitting efforts.

SXPI Vice President, Mr.Duan Jun mainly introduced the “talent cultivation plan”of joint undergraduate education from four aspects:the background of talent joint training between undergraduate colleges and SXPI, the overall scheme and layout of joint talent cultivation, the main cultivation content and the expected results.

Vice President of Xi’an Polytechnic University, Mr.Dai Hong,Vice President of Weinan Normal University, Ms.WangJuxia and Vice President of Yulin University, Mr.Zhang Xiao, respectively introduced the basic situation of the three universities from the aspects of school running history, school running scale, teaching staff and educational effect. They encouraged these freshmen to adapt to the new learning environment as soon as possible and inspired them to be innovative, be dedicated and be aspiring to move towards to higher and greater goals.

SXPI Party Secretary, Mr.Hui Zhaoyang, delivered the concluding speech and expressed his gratitude to the three universities for their support and guidance of the joint undergraduate education with SXPI. He pointed out that the admission of these 136 freshmen officially opened the prelude to the cultivation of undergraduate talents in SXPI, which has a milestone significance in deepening the reform and development of vocational education.Combined with the current situation of vocational education reform and undergraduate level talent education objectives, he also put forward three hopes. First,with this new opportunity, SXPI would spare no effort to turn the“pilot education ”into“ highlight education” through careful preparation, pinpoint implementation and scientific teaching; second, he hoped that the freshmen, the“rising waves”, enrich their knowledge, enhance their abilities and fulfill their dreams; third, he expected that SXPI with the partner colleges learn from each other and develop deeper cooperation to realize the win-win result.

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