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Shaanxi Satellite TV Reported SXPI German Foreign Teacher,Steffi Lehmann


On September 13,“Silk Road Weekly News”of Shaanxi Satellite TV reported SXPI German Foreign Teacher, Steffi Lehmann,who has a strong passion for China, and has actively participated in Sino-German Cultural Exchange.The program reported Steffi’s German language class, her western etiquette demonstration class and the scene of Steffi practicing martial arts in Wushu Association. Meanwhile, through the interview of SXPI students,the program also showed Steffi Lehmann’s deep love for China and her good friendship with the students.

Steffi Lehmann, the foreign teacher of Shaanxi PolytechnicInstitute (SXPI), has been working in SXPI since August, 2013. She has set up the German culture center for SXPI and is mainly responsible for German curriculum development, German teaching design and implementation as well as English teaching. Besides, she actively promotes the cooperation projects between SXPI and German universities. She also develops training for these students who attend overseas programs.

The Construction of SXPI German Culture Center

With the in-depth development of the cooperation project between SXPI and German universities, in 2015, SXPI entrusted Ms. Lehmann Steffi to prepare for the German Center. After receiving the task, she immediately carried out the design of the center, the purchase of the necessities, the compilation of the teaching materials, etc. It took only two months to build the center. So far, the center has trained nearly 200 teachers and students who attended the overseas program to Germany and has held more than 10 German cultural festivals.

The Promotion of the Cooperation Project with Germany

Since coming to SXPI,Steffi Lehmann has put a lot of energy into promoting the smooth implementation of the cooperation project between Germany and SXPI. So far, there have been six cooperation projects between SXPI and German Applied Technology Universities. More than 65 teachers and students have been sent to Germany for exchange, and over10 scholars from Germany have visited SXPI through these programs.

The Innovation inTeaching

Steffi Lehmann has undertaken both English and German teaching in SXPI. She has taken a lot of dedication into teaching innovation. Based on the characteristics of SXPI students and the need of international cooperation projects, she designed German teaching plan, compiled and introduced German textbooks. Meanwhile, she also made use of her English advantages to accomplish the tasks of English teaching,instructed students’ English skills competition and developed the English corner activities.

The Enthusiasm for Chinese Culture

Steffi Lehmann loves China and Chinese culture, especially Shaanxi culture. When teaching in SXPI, she actively participates in the martial arts association and other sports activities. Besides, she has kept studying the profound culture of China and has also actively spread German culture,who promoted the cultural exchange and served as a friendly ambassador between the two countries.

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