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Shaanxi Equipment Manufacturing Industry Vocational Education Group,Led by SXPI,was Selected into the Demonstration Vocational Education Group (Alliance)


On September 9, the Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education announced the list of the first batch of cultivation units to be shortlisted for the model vocational education group (Alliance). Shaanxi equipment manufacturing vocational education group led by SXPI was successfully selected.

Shaanxi Equipment Manufacturing Industry Vocational Education Group, as the first vocational education group in Shaanxi Province and established earlier in China, has always adhered to serving the development of Shaanxi equipment manufacturing industry since its establishment for 10 years, and has formed a service system to meet the needs of technical progress and industrial chain extension of equipment manufacturing industry.

The group has continuously explored new modes of school-enterprise cooperation, established a long-term mechanism of joint construction and sharing of high-quality resources, common education and sharing of excellent talents and outstanding achievements. It has actively explored the theoretical research of running school in groups, the construction of school-enterprise cooperation platform, the enrichment of cooperation connotation and the innovation of cooperation mode, which sets models for the construction and development of vocational education groups in Shaanxi Province and even other provinces.


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