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New Semester Began in SXPI


On August 29th and 30th,the new semester began in SXPI. In order to continuously and thoroughly implement the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention,based on the actual situation,the students orderly returned to the school in batches at different times.

SXPI President, Liu Yongliang and SXPI party secretary,Hui Zhaoyang,checked the work at all receptions serving the back-to-school students.They had conversations with the students and expressed their gratitude to the volunteers and teachers in charge. Meanwhile, they encouraged the teachers to carry forward the former good experience and practices, paying close attention to students’study and life on campus to provide better service for them.

In terms of students' returning to school, SXPI strictly set up the entrance procedures such as health code confirmation, student identity confirmation, student registration for the new semester,which ensured the students in healthy condition, and allowed them to gain the warmth of SXPI.


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