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SXPI Held the Closing Ceremony for 2020 Cultural Festival


One word goes, “the temperament of a person reflects the book he has read, the view he has seen and the experience he has gained.” A campus culture is best reflected in the learning atmosphere and the spiritual life of the staffs. Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI) holds the cultural festival for reading each year to enrich the campus cultural life. This year, during the special period of COVID-19 virus pandemic, SXPI continued to hold the cultural festival through a series of online activities with the help of the cloud platform. Based on the theme of “fighting against the pandemic”, a lot of teachers take part in the activities of reading online to voice for the epidemic. On July 21, the closed ceremony was launched on the first floor of the school library. More than 100 representative staffs and students attended this ceremony.

“The Reading Star”, Ms. Li Jun from school of information engineering delivered her speech, “reading has broadened my horizon, increased my knowledge, cultivated my sentiment and lightened my mood.” She cited Chinese famous writer, Ms. Yang Jiang’s words, “reading is like visiting a distinguished scholar without making an appointment beforehand. It would be much more pleasant to develop free conversations. Similarly, we may achieve a lot if we read books widely.”

The international student Paul who has done excellent performance in the reading activities said, “it’s my great pleasure to be able to participate in this activity. It has given me a lot of confidence in learning Chinese. SXPI has a good learning atmosphere and this is a campus full of vigor. Here I can improve my Chinese very quickly. I myself come from Africa, after graduation, I will return to Africa and spare no effort to make contributions to the friendly communication between China and Africa.”

SXPI vice president, Mr. Mei Chuangshe, made a concluding speech for the event. He affirmed the significance of the cultural festival under the special period of epidemic. Besides, he advised the staffs to effectively grasp the academic front and shoulder the responsibility to deliver the high-quality education to students! He also gave high expectations to students to cherish the study time in SXPI and seize the wonderful time of youth to struggle.


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