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SXPI Achieved Good Results in National “1+X” Vocational Skill Level Examinations


On June 20th and 28th, SXPI organized a total of 103 students to participate in the national “1+X” integration of business and finance certificate examination and “1+X” intelligent finance and taxation certificate examination. SXPI achieved good results in these two exams. In addition, as the first batch of “1+X” integration of business and finance certificate test centers in China, SXPI was rated as “Excellent College” by the organizer.

It is reported that all the 53 students in SXPI who participated in the “1+X” integration of business and finance certificate examination passed, with a minimum score of 90.3 and a passing rate of 100%; 49 students passed among the 50 students who participated in the “1+X” intelligent finance and tax certificate examination, with a passing rate of 98%, much higher than the national average of 72.8%.

The “1+X” vocational skill level examination is an important part in the process of SXPI implementing the “National Vocational Education Reform Plan” and promoting the reform of the “1+X” vocational skill level certificate. The good results SXPI obtained in the examinations not only affirm and demonstrate the educational quality of accounting and financial management programs, but also play an important role in further pushing forward the development of the accounting programs and the reform of the talent training model.

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