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SXPI Teachers Won the Second Prize in the National Teaching Contest


Recently, hosted by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, the National contest rematch of 2020 “Teaching Star” was completely finished. SXPI teachers, Li Ke, Li Yaqi, Tian Li, Ma Shutao from Public Course Teaching Department won the second prize.

Taking “the integration of language teaching and talents education in foreign language curriculum and teaching design” as the aim, this contest is to lead the development of teaching, innovate teaching ideas and exchange teaching methods. And it carries out the basic task of cultivating talents with high qualities and giving full play to the educational function of foreign language curriculum.

The “Teaching Star” competition is jointly organized by the Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Steering Committee in English Teaching of the Ministry of Education and the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Since its establishment in 2013, it has held seven sessions and has developed into a good platform for the English teachers in TVET institutions of China to develop effective communication and mutual learning. And it has become one of the large-scale and high-level authoritative competitions in the field of foreign language education in TVET institutions.

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