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SXPI Cultivitates Engineering Talents with Top Universities in Germany: Report from Shaanxi Satellite TV


On June 27, Liu Jintao, the student from Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute(SXPI), shared his study experience in Germany in Silk Road Weekly News on Shaanxi Satellite TV. When in college at SXPI, Liu Jintao was majored in mechanical engineering. He spared no effort to study the specialized knowledge well and dreamed of improving himself one step further in the professional field. Now, he is pursuing the master’s degree and is studying the advanced technology in the well-known Technische Universität, Germany. He has made up his mind to promote the cooperation in manufacturing technology between China and Germany.

Yan Xinyao, another graduate of SXPI, was also interviewed by Shaanxi Satellite TV. He is a fan of electrical technology and is now pursing the bachelor’s degree in Universität Hannove. The same as Liu Jintao, he chose to have a further study of the advanced technology in Germany after his graduation from SXPI. Yan Xinyao’s home is in Xianyang, Shaanxi. He hopes to make contributions to the development of his hometown with the knowledge and technology he studied in Germany.

Since 2012, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute has been cooperating with the German universities on senior engineers' cultivation and education. Sending the excellent diploma graduates to study in German universities is the innovative solution for SXPI to connect its diploma program with bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Germany. Currently, there are 14 SXPI graduates studying in 6 German universities, most of which are the top universities with high reputations in engineering education.

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