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SXPI and Omron(China) Corporation Held a High-level Meeting


On June 18, SXPI and Omron(China) Corporation held a high-level meeting in SXPI Jingyi building.The general manager Xu Jian, consultant Zhong Dao Jiao Xian,secretary of general manager Zhang Yun and other representatives of Omron, party secretary of SXPI Hui Zhaoyang, deputy secretary Tian Hao and some heads of SXPI departments attended this conference.

At the meeting, Hui Zhaoyang warmly welcomed the arrival of Xu Jian and other representatives of Omron(China) Corporation, and spoke highly of the long-term cooperation between SXPI and Omron for eleven years. He also introduced the development and reform of China's TVET in recent years, and said that the integration of enterprise and school is the important direction for cultivating quality and relevant skilled talents. He sincerely hoped that the in-depth cooperation in education, scientific research and other aspects between SXPI and Omron can be strengthened in the future.

Xu Jian, general manager of Omron (China) Corporation, expressed his appreciation for the development of SXPI, especially being listed among the top-ten “High-quality and Advanced TVET Colleges”. Furthermore, he introduced the latest development of Omron Corporation, and praised the performance of Omron class graduates of SXPI.

Meanwhile, Consultant Zhong Dao Jiao Xian introduced the recent strategic layout of Omron Corporation, appreciated SXPI for its support to Omron with excellent graduates, and hoped that the cooperation will be further deepened.

Finally, the suggestions and prospects for the school-enterprise cooperation between SXPI and Omron were put forward. Before the meeting, the delegation of Omron visited some SXPI training facilities.



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