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President Liu Yongliang Went to Xi’an ZTE Corporation for Investigation and Research


On June 19, SXPI president, Mr. Liu Yongliang, accompanied by the corresponding main leaders from School of Electrical Engineering, School of Aeronautical Engineering, Department of School-enterprise Cooperation, went to Xi’an Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation (ZTE Corporation) for investigation and research. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu Yongliang made a communication with ZTE general manager, Mr. Xie Zhaoyang and other business executives.

After visiting ZTE Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Hall, its Standardized Production Line and Central Control Room, Mr. Xie Zhaoyang introduced the general situation and the future development plan of Xi’an ZTE Corporation. Besides, he reviewed the cooperation process and achievements between SXPI and ZTE. Especially, he referred to the distinguished performance SXPI graduates have done in various positions of ZTE.

President Liu Yongliang highly affirmed ZTE’s corporate culture of “mutual respect, sincere service, striving for innovation and scientific management” and praised its outstanding achievements in the cooperation with SXPI. He stated that ZTE has supplied great opportunities for the graduates and pointed out that with the goal of deep integration and joint education of high-quality talents, SXPI and ZTE have realized the good pattern of transplanted the relevant curriculum system and training plan of ZTE intelligent electronics into the order class. In this way, it has achieved the win-win situation for enterprises, schools and students. It is hoped that both the school and the enterprise will seize the opportunity of the reform and development of vocational education and make new breakthroughs in the fields of cooperative education and the construction of vocational education groups.


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