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SXPI Welcomed the First Batch of Students Back to Study afer a Long Holiday in the Special Period of Pandemic


2020 is really an unusual year due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. In the situation of controlling this pandemic, all the schools have delayed the date of the new term. Currently, with the joint efforts of all sides and the effective measures that Chinese government has taken, the whole situation of this pandemic has finally become stable. From May 15th, the first batch of students of SXPI, over 4500,began to return to school to study successively. And on May 19th, SXPI welcomed 214 students from other provinces back to study. With joy and excitement, the students devoted themselves into school life again. The campus recovered vitality and vigor. It's expected that all the students will come back at the end of this May.

Meanwhile, SXPI has strengthened the prevention and control of the pandemic with considerate measures. All the functional departments of SXPI have worked closely and have made thoughtful arrangements to ensure the safe return of the students and to guarantee the normal functioning of the school life.

May day is the most hopeful season. And summer has already come. We have the belief that the pandemic will finally gone. With the first batch of students returning to school, we have prepared for welcoming all the students to come back to chase their dreams with passion.

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