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Online Teaching in SXPI during the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus


Under the influence of the novel coronavirus transmission in China, SXPI practiced the online teaching by the appeal of the government that students are supposed to continue studying without going to school. Among a variety of online customized courses, an online ideological and political class called “Life and Value” obtained enormous attention. More than 20,000 students in SXPI have taken this class in virtue of mobile phones and computers. In light of the current epidemic prevention and teaching practice, SXPI has launched a series of ideological and political micro-classes, “Life and Value”, the first micro-lecture of which was divided into three modules: “Life and Safety”, “Life and Occupation” and “Life and Value”. This first online class intended to explore the individual life safety, the fundamentals of career and personal development, and the basic value of life.

When preparing for these ideological and political micro-classes, on the basis of past online teaching practice, the faculty of the Marxist School creatively arranged the teaching content and procedures, especially integrating the cases of the typical events in the course of novel coronavirus prevention into teaching. Confronted with the outbreak of novel coronavirus, students were inspired by the teachers to reflect on their outlook on life and values. Meanwhile, they were encouraged to cherish life, make accomplishment, and further create personal values.

After attending this unique online ideological and political lesson, Huang Yan from SXPI, School of Finance and Tourism said, “The outbreak of novel coronavirus in the Spring Festival warned us that we must cherish our lives. Facing the epidemic transmission, we should perform the scientific epidemic prevention, protect our lives, and be a responsible Chinese citizen and contemporary college student!”

Bai Yuru from the School of Civil Engineering added, “The value of life lies in dedication. Every time the disaster appeared, there would always be a group of selfless people step forward bravely and fighting on the front line. Although we are ordinary, we are also supposed to make some contributions to our country. Pray for Wuhan and cheer for China! "

Apart from the online ideological and political courses, the courses of other disciplines were also be delivered. By virtue of diverse online education platforms, every schools in SXIP launched their distinctive live and recorded classes.


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