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Working Reflections of SXPI Foreign Teachers


Since 2019,English Language Institute,a private non-profit education organization in the United States whose core work is to select those who are interested in English education in North America to come to Asia severing as English teachers, has made a good cooperative relationship with Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI). So far, it has dispatched the first four foreign teachers to SXPI. Having taught for a term, the four teachers have done excellent jobs and shared their personal reflections working in SXPI.

“I am so pleased with my first semester at Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute. The English department and the Foreign Affairs Office have demonstrated great care, effectiveness, and hospitality. Both departments operate as well-oiled machines—communication and expectations have been clear and timely. Because most of the students have a beginner’s proficiency in the language, the classroom experience has presented me a great opportunity to grow as an English teacher. And though most of the students find their English class challenging, the majority of them have great attitudes. It is my pleasure to teach at SXPI and I look forward to continuing in the days ahead.”

——Justin Woodiel

“Working at SXPI has been a great joy. Both the faculty and the students have made me feel warmly welcomed. My colleagues were always willing to offer assistance and guidance, even allowing me to observe one of their classes. I also had the pleasure of co-teaching with one of my colleagues, and I learned a lot from that experience. As for my students, many were eager to learn, which made time in the classroom very enjoyable. Overall, it has been a privilege to teach at SXPI.”

——Becky Irvine

“Working at SXPI has been a great experience. The foreign affairs office has worked diligently to meet any need that has arisen. The teaching staff has been very helpful and a joy to work alongside. There are students at SXPI that are eager to learn and make teaching enjoyable. I’m grateful for my employment at SXPI, and I look forward to seeing how the Pinnacle and SXPI partnership can continue to be mutually beneficially.”

——Todd Andrews

“My first time living in China has been so pleasant because of my experience at SXPI. The school’s leadership has been very accommodating and helpful when we have needs in our living situation or in the classroom. It has been a great experience getting to know my students as well as the faculty and I am grateful that they have welcomed me into their country and to their school. It is an honor to serve my students through their English learning and I hope future teachers will be able to share in these experiences, too.“

——Holly Scott


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