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Russian Exchange Students Finished Their Study in SXPI


On February 24th, a farewell ceremony was held for celebrating Milchakova Mariia and Mitrofanova Kristina finishing their study in SXPI. Mr. Tian Hao, Deputy Party Secretary, and the representatives from School of Chemical Engineering and Clothing, School of Finance, Economics and Tourism, and School of International Education attended the ceremony.

After congratulating their completion of the study in SXPI and appreciating their industriousness and devotion in fashion design, Tian Hao presented Milchakova Mariia and Mitrofanova Kristina with study certificates. He said that the two exchange students had become a beautiful landscape in campus and further enhanced the cooperative relationship between SXPI and Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. He sincerely hoped they would bring back the knowledge gained in our school and the life experience obtained through this exchange to Russia, and share their memories in China with their friends and family members. Meanwhile, he wished that they can become the bridge between two universities, contributing to the exchange and cooperation in the future.

Milchakova Mariia and Mitrofanova Kristina were also grateful for the opportunity of studying in SXPI. They delivered that in the past four months, they learned the Chinese language, Chinese culture, and traditional Chinese clothing design concepts and knowledge so that they got to know China and Shaanxi, experienced the different campus life and made friends with teachers and students around. The experience in SXPI would become their precious memory.

Milchakova Mariia and Mitrofanova Kristina are the fashion design exchange students sent by Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service for the second time. Since the agreement was signed for exchange students in fashion design in 2018, a total of 10 Chinese and Russian students have participated in this program, which has promoted the exchange and cooperation between the two universities in fashion design major.

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