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SXPI Amazed Shaanxi International Student’s New Year Gala


SXPI 16 Bengalese students performed their national dance in the Shaanxi International Student’s New Year Gala at night December 23. Their performance was amazing and received lots of applause and cheers. Named Bengalese Tiger, the dance displayed the audience a Bangladesh happy wedding scene. The performance was full of Bengalese national music, clothes and style, reflected Bengalese youth vigor, happiness, and their pursuit of wonderful life.

“China is acountry with a long history and rich culture, we are very delighted to come to China, to SXPI. We have had colorful and fruitful life while studying in China”, the Bangladesh international student, Mollike Md Braz, said after the performance. He performed a bride in the dance with charming lady image.

Twelve universities and colleges sent over 100 international students performed on the gala. The students were from 23 countries. Through the performance gala, many more international students and persons got to know SXPI. Also, the gala was a platform for SXPI international students to know new friends and other culture.



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