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SXPI Signed MOU With German Lathen Municipal Government


On December 5, KarlHeinz Weber, mayor of German Lathen Municipal Government, accompanied by Li Qi, president of the German Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce, visited SXPI. Mr. Hui Zhaoyang, SXPI party secretary, greeted the guests in the reception room; Mr. Tian Hao, SXPI Deputy party secretary, held talks with KarlHeinz Weber and signed MOU on behalf of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI).

Mr. Hui Zhaoyang briefed KarlHeinz Weber on Vice Premier Sun Chunlan's visit to SXPI and the college's selection as the “double-high “ college (high-quality college and first-class majors) construction unit. He said, “The national plan for the implementation of the reform on vocational education has clearly stated that we should learn from the model of “dual-education” system, promoting the combination of teaching and production as well as the connection between schools and enterprises. Under this background, SXPI is now expecting to be able to cooperate closely with German enterprises to strengthen exchanges in technology, information, equipment and personnel. Besides, we hope that we can provide talents and intellectual support for German enterprises in China and Chinese enterprises in Germany. And we hope to deepen international exchange and cooperation with German colleges and universities, especially in talent training, professional setting, teacher-student exchanges, etc.”He welcomed that teachers and students from German institutions could come to SXPI to exchange and learn so as to foster cultural awareness and emotional consensus among the youth of the two countries.

Mr. KarlHeinz Weber extended his congratulations and appreciations on the achievements and positive development of SXPI. He endorsed Mr.Hui Zhaoyang's proposal to carry out cooperative projects on the integration of production and education, the exchange of teachers and students, etc. After introducing the major work done to promote cooperation between the two sides since his first visit to SXPI in June this year, he said that he would continue to consolidate the basic work and speed up the exchanges with German universities and enterprises so as to put forward a more concrete cooperation plans and action plans. “We will strongly urge German enterprises and universities to cooperate with SXPI in depth and contribute to the vocational education and the Belt and Road construction in China.”

Meanwhile, the two sides also exchanged views on such projects as hiring experts in vocational education from Germany, introducing professional qualification certificates from Germany, co-construction of specialties, internship and employment of students going to Germany, and cultural and sports exchanges among young students. The consensus on cooperation was reached and the MOU was signed to clear the cooperation intention.


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