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Representatives from JoRe Werkzeugbau Machinery Manufacturing Company, Germany, Visited SXPI


On November 26, representatives from JoRe Werkzeugbau Machinery Manufacturing Company, Germany, visited SXPI. Mr. Tian Hao, SXPI deputy party secretary, met with the guests in the second conference room.

After seeing the Video Feature of SXPI, Mr. Tian Hao first extended his warmest welcome to Frank johannhörster, Chairman of JoRe Werkzeugbau and his accompanies. He then carefully introduced the school-running history of SXPI, the specialty-setting, the school-enterprise cooperative mode and its current effort for developing higher-class college and majors (Double-High Vocational College). Especially, he stated that in the selection of “Double-High Vocational Colleges” by Ministry of Education in China, SXPI was selected as top 10 and belonged to the “A”category key construction unit. Besides, he emphasized that with the implementation of National TVET Education Reform Schedule, SXPI will continue to greatly strengthen the cooperation between school and enterprises, deepen foreign exchanges and cooperation, build the international leading higher TVET institution with Chinese characteristics. He also stressed that the visit of JoRe Werkzeugbau supplied a good chance and platform for increasing mutual understanding between the two sides and helped to better explore the cultivation mode of international technical talents.“I wish that this visit can be a good start for us two sides to develop a long-run cooperative relationship.”

Mr. Frank first thanked the warm reception of SXPI and expressed his appreciation for the conditions and achievements that SXPI has gained. He then gave a careful introduction to JoRe Werkzeugbau, especially on the area of mould design. He said that TVET education is the key factor for the economic development of a country. Meanwhile, the Dual Vocational Education mode is an essential factor to guarantee German industry ahead of the world. “Currently, with the trend that Chinese government puts greater attention and pays more emphasis on TVET education, I believe that we will have more opportunities to cooperate with each other. Also, JoRe Werkzeugbau is willing to develop further cooperation in the training of technical talents.”Apart from these, deans from Mechanical Engineering school and Material Engineering school who attended the meeting also exchanged ideas with Mr. Frank on the specific points of talent training modes under the form of “order-classes”.

Before the symposium, the delegation also visited the school’s Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation center, Automotive Training Center, Mould Training Center, Mechanical Engineering Training center, Welding Training Center and Omron Training Center.


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