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SXPI Selected A Level Double-High Vocational Colleges


On October 24, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, China, jointly announced the list of 197 selected High Vocational Colleges and Majors with High Level and Unique Chinese Characteristics (abbr.Double-High Vocational Colleges). The Double-High Vocational Colleges will be heavily funded and supported by the central and provincial governments in next few years to promote China vocational education high quality development. Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, as the leading college in Shaanxi province, was selected as the A level , the highest level and the only one from Western China, which is a remarkable achievement as there are only 10 colleges in A level. Double-High Vocational Colleges Plan is China’s innovative action to develop first class TVET colleges and majors. The selected colleges are divided into A, B, C Levels, among which, 56 are Colleges, 141 are majors.

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