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Representatives from Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand Visited SXPI


On September 12, representatives from Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand visited SXPI, including Tony O’Brien, Director of SINO-NZ Model Programme and Jessie Liu, Project Manager of SINO-NZ Model Programme. SXPI deputy party secretary, Mr. Tian Hao met with the guests in the second conference room.

Mr. Tian Hao first warmly welcomed Tony O’Brien and Jessie Liu. He said that in the context of China’s development of vocational education, SXPI is now focusing on deepening the connotation of construction and is striving to build a high-level vocational institution with distinctive Chinese features. As for New Zealand, it has the advanced vocational education concept and its vocational education system is complete and developed. Therefore, on the basis of the original cooperation, SXPI will continue to strengthen the vocational education cooperation project with New Zealand, hoping that the good cooperation between the two sides will achieve more fruitful results. With regard to the deepening of vocational education cooperation projects with New Zealand, he put forward three points. Firstly, in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship, SINO-NZ Model Programme can adopt the model of “teaching and producing” integration as well as “learning and working” integration, making vocational education have deeper connections with enterprises. Secondly, in the further promotion of SINO-NZ Model Programme, it’s essential to build a series of boutique projects. Thirdly, in terms of talent training orientations, through the establishment of an international professional education alliance and the adoption of a multi-effect model, a general international talents cultivation model can be developed.

Tony O’Brien showed his agreement with the ideas of Mr. Tian Hao. He said that with the support of education departments of China and New Zealand, SXPI and Wintec have launched a series of practical cooperation projects in teachers’ training, engineering micro-certificate research, etc, which have achieved remarkable results. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to promote the high-quality development of cooperation projects in higher vocational education.

Cooperation background:Since 2013, SXPI has established cooperative relationship with Waikato Institute of Technology. So far, the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in teachers’ training and micro-certificate vocational education research projects. In May of 2019, Sino-New Zealand Vocational Education Model Programme Teacher Training Base was set up in SXPI. Later, the Economic Counsellor of New Zealand Embassy in China, Ms. Shen Li and New Zealand Ambassador, Clare Fearnley, successively visited SXPI, giving strong supports and great attentions to SINO-NZ Model Programme.

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