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SXPI Held Welcoming Ceremony for Russian University Teachers for Training Program


On September 4th, SXPI held welcoming ceremony for 2 fashion design teachers from Vladivostok State University Economics and Service, Russia,for a two-week training program. The Russian teachers are Ms. Zhogova Maria and Ms. Furmanyuk Oksana who work in VSUES Department of Design and Technology. VSUES has been cooperating with SXPI on students and teachers exchange, fashion design skills competition since 2015.

Mr. Tian Hao, SXPI Deputy Party Secretary, welcomed the two teachers in his speech during the ceremony. Firstly, he introduced SXPI to the teachers in its history, teaching staffs, programs, international cooperation, and etc. Meanwhile, he introduced the newly development of China Vocational Education and Training to the teachers. He said, after 5 years’ fruitful cooperation, the two institutions have made great achievements in teacher and student exchange, fashion design students international skills competition, Sino-Russia Youth Fashion Designer Workshop and etc. He believed that the training program for these two teachers would further promote the cooperation of the two institutions on fashion design program. He hoped that the teachers can cherish the training opportunity. Both side teachers can learn from each other through discussions and communications, making progress by the time together. He also hoped that the two teachers can fully experience Chinese history and culture, Xianyang city life and its people. He wished them a great time in SXPI.

Ms. Zhogova Maria and Ms. Furmanyuk Oksana respectively shared their exciting feelings for coming to China and SXPI. They praised SXPI in its teaching facilities, achievements and students’ colorful campus life. They hoped to learn and understand SXPI education and teaching modes, especially its teaching and experience in fashion design programs. They hoped that their international vision and teaching capability can be improved through this training program. They also showed their appreciation for the hospitality of SXPI.

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