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SXPI Held the Opening Ceremony for 2019 International Students


On September 6, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute(SXPI)held the opening ceremony for 2019 international students.Deputy Director of Foreign Cooperation Department from Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Mr. Guo Hongyi, representative from Kopertip, Indonesia, Mr. Achmad Wahyono, representative teachers from Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service(VSUES), Russia, Ms.Furmaniuk Oksana and Ms.Zhogova Maria, SXPI president, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, SXPI Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. Tian Hao, corresponding main leaders, SXPI representative teachers and international students attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Mr. Guo Hongyi first extended his warmest welcome to 46 international students from Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh and Ghana. He said, “As the ‘leading soldier’ and ‘leading goose’ of higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi Province. SXPI has a strong school running pattern and an effective talent cultivation effects. Since 2018, SXPI has carried out a series of exchange programs for foreign students. Especially, It has opened the door to recruit international students with academic qualifications in higher vocational colleges in our province, which has played an important role in guiding the international exchange and cooperation of higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi province.”Apart from these, he also extended his expectations for SXPI international students, hoping that they can cherish the opportunity to study in SXPI and achieve their dreams.

In her speech, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun said, “The internationalization of education is an important strategy and general consensus for the development of education in various countries around the world. As the first batch of high-quality TVET institutions in China. SXPI has actively explored the going-out mode and has made a new breakthrough in the implementation of international cooperation in running schools with ‘the belt and road initiative’”.

She gave her three expectations for the new international students:firstly, she hoped that the international students can adapt to the new environment as soon as possible; try to experience more, feel more and enjoy the wonderful time they would spend studying and living in SXPI. Secondly, she hoped that they can cherish the precious opportunity studying in SXPI; learn Chinese well and try to perceive the unique charm of Chinese civilization. “You should study hard and make progress diligently and lay a firm professional foundation, striving to become truly international talents.” Thirdly, she hoped that the international students can make friends with Chinese teachers and students actively. Try to experience more and strive to be the friendly envoy for cultural exchanges between China and their own countries.

In their speech, Mr. Achmad Wahyono and Ms.Furmaniuk Oksana expressed their expectations for the international students, they hoped that their students would cherish the opportunity to study in SXPI. Be diligent and be hard-working! Do remember to follow the disciplines of SXPI and do not forget to realize their goals! “Try to meet new friends, share your emotions and  explore the wonderful things in this beautiful country. Just be happy and have a lot of fun.” Ms.Zhogova Maria said.

2018 representative international student, Meng Liang, shared his experience and feeling of studying in SXPI. 2019 representative international student, Fei Lin from Indonesia and Ming Zhu from Bangladesh expressed their determinations to study hard in SXPI.

So far, with the coming of the second batch of international students, SXPI has already had 46 international students from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia and Ghana, of which 42 are academic students, 4 are exchange students.

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