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SXPI Unveiled Its Branch Campus in Zambia


The launching ceremony for Sino-Zam Vocational College of Science and Technology was held in Luanshya, Zambia on August 2, 2019. On the event, SXPI president, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun received the nameplate of SXPI Zambia Branch Campus from Mr. Brian Mushimba, Minister of Higher Education, Zambia, and Ms. Yu Jie, official of Minister of Education, China. This means SXPI Zambian branch campus officially launched.

Sina-Zam Vocational College of Science and Technology (SZVCST) is the first Chinese oversea vocational institute jointly ran by Chinese vocational colleges and enterprises. SXPI Zambian Branch is SZVCST second level school. It is also named the School of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, SZVCST. Currently, SXPI Zambian Branch offers 3 year Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation diploma program, and enrolls youth from whole Zambia, most are high school graduates.The teaching in the branch is strictly carried out in accordance with SXPI quality teaching standards.The branch already has its first batch students and Zambian teachers. It is expected that the branch will have 120 students in 2021.

“The launching of SZVCST will stimulate the economic and social development in Belt and Road countries, offer a new model for the cooperation of Sino- Africa vocational education and training, make a new practice for world vocational education and training. It is a new bridge for culture and human communication and exchange.”Said Ms.Yu Jie.“China will firmly support SZVCST's development, and hopes to make sound base for quick and good TVET development for both countries through SZVCST, to open a new chapter for education and culture communication between China and Zambia.”

Mr. Brian Mushimba said, “The launching of SZVCST is a big step for Zambian Education development. I believe SZVCST will bring new reform for Zambia TVET institutions. It will supply quality skilled persons for Zambia economic and social development.”He appreciates SZVCST in efforts to promote multi-field cooperation between China and Zambia, expects SZVCST can cultivate technicians and skilled persons for Zambian mine sector.

After the ceremony, Ms.Zhang Xiaoyun inspected the training machines which were transported to the branch from SXPI in January, and talked with teachers and students working and studying in the branch. She delivered SXPI T-shirt to the teachers and students. She asked the Zambian teachers to teach strictly in accordance with SXPI teaching standards, to ensure the teaching quality, to cultivate skilled persons who understand Chinese enterprise culture, well know Chinese equipment and technology standards.She hoped the students work hard to learn Chinese and its culture, to grow up as a useful skilled person to Zambian economic and social development, to be a friendly envoy between China and Zambia.

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