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German Delegation Visit SXPI Seeking Skilled Talent Training


Karl Heinz Weber, Mayor of Lathen municipal government, led a German official and business delegation visited SXPI on June 20. Li Qi, president of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Germany, accompanied the delegation. SXPI Party Secretary, Hui Zhaoyang, and Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President.,Liu Yongliang, met them.

Hui Zhaoyang extended a warm welcome to the German delegation before introduced SXPI and its cooperation programs with German universities. He said that in the National Vocational Education Reform Plan, it was clearly proposed that China vocational education shall learn from the German "dual system" vocational education model, to promote and establish a dual system of vocational education model with production and education integration, school and enterprise cooperation. He said that SXPI was striving to pursue a world-class higher vocational college. He believed that connecting with first-class international enterprises would be the right direction for SXPI to achieve a sustainable development. Serving local and international first-class enterprises was the focus for SXPI future cooperation with the world. As for the cooperation with Lathen government and enterprises, he made two proposals. Firstly, SXPI attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with universities in Germany. He hoped the delegation could help SXPI to establish more cooperation with German universities. Secondly, SXPI wished to serve the human resources requirement of German industry in Shaanxi with its advantage in quality vocational education and training programs. School and enterprises of the two sides were expected to work together to design international curriculum standards, carry out custom made training programs, and strive to create a school-enterprise talent training base.

Karl Heinz Weber appreciated SXPI warm reception, and appraised SXPI for its advanced teaching facilities and achievements made recent years. He agreed with Party Secretary Hui Zhaoyang’s cooperation proposals. After introduced the vocational education in Lathen City and Germany, he said that Lathen has attached great importance to the vocational education exchange and cooperation with SXPI. Lathen welcomed SXPI students go to German vocational colleges to study and work after graduations. This would help Lathen ease its human resource shortages problem. Regarding school-enterprise cooperation and education, Karl Heinz Weber proposed to rely on the Sino-German Science and Technology Innovation Center in Xi’an, Lathen could also cooperate with SXPI to build a high-level Sino-German vocational college providing skilled talent support and services for the German industries.



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