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Delegation from Malawi Universities Visits SXPI


On May 10th, the delegation from Malawi universities visited SXPI. Led by Dr. Billy Gama,Chairman of Trustees Board from Malawi University, the delegation consisted of 12 top leaders from Malawi’s key universities, including the University of Malawi, Malawi University of Science and Technology, Blantyre University, Mzuzu University and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.SXPI President, Ms.Zhang Xiaoyun,Vice president and Vice Secretary of SXPI Party Committee, Mr. Liu Yongliang as well as other main corresponding administrative leaders welcomed the guests.

Meanwhile, the delegation first visited the training bases of SXPI,especially the CNC ManufacturingTraining Centre, the Welding Training Centre and the Smart Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Centre. After that, the two sides had a symposium, during which President Zhang Xiaoyun and Chairman Billy Gama signed the MOU of Cooperation between Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute and University of Malawi.

In her speech, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun said, “Last year, on the eve of 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, we were extremely honored to welcome H.E.Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi visit SXPI.The visit has had a great significance and has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between Malawi and SXPI on the area of TVET education. Since last year, SXPI has actively engaged in consultations and deliberations on the aspects of teachers’ training and students’ exchange between the two sides. So far, it has made some progress.” She further pointed out that this visit was a valuable opportunity for both sides to deepen mutual understanding and seek common development of TVET education. “We will certainly promote friendly cooperation more vigorously and will surely paint a brilliant color on the development of educational cooperation between us two sides. I hope that with this visit as the beginning, our institute can establish closer cooperative relations with universities such as the University of Malawi and work together to share the beautiful blueprint for the development of TVET education.”

Dr.Billy Gama first showed his thanks for the warm reception of SXPI and conveyed the sincere regards of H.E. Arthur Mutharika. He said,“Last year,President Mutharika visited Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute and was very impressed with the advanced teaching and training equipment.As soon as he returned to Malawi, he instructed Malawi’s Education Department to take practical actions to carry out exchanges and cooperation with SXPI in the field of TVET education so as to improve the quality and level of TVET education in Malawi. The purpose of this visit is just to implement the spirit of President Mutharika’s instructions and to take practical actions to promote pragmatic cooperation.” He expressed the hope that through the signing of the MOU of cooperation, the two sides will work together to launch the Malawi teacher training, training room co-construction and teacher-student exchanges as soon as possible.He expected to see the good results of the effective cooperation between the two sides.

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