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Indonesian TVET Teachers Finished Their Training in SXPI


On March 29th,Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute held the closing ceremony of one-month-long overseas (China) training program for 16 Indonesian TVET teachers sent by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.Dr. A.B.Susanto,Board Director of Kopertip,Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, SXPI president, Mr. Mei Chungshe, SXPI vice president and other corresponding leaders attended this ceremony.

During this training, through theoretical study, training room operation, enterprise and culture visits, the 16 Indonesian teachers have a profound communication and exchange with SXPI professional teachers from School of Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Based on Property and Construction and Industrial automation, the two-side teachers have explored the corresponding expertise deeply. Especially, this training has successfully achieved the purpose of strengthening the teachers’ professional knowledge and expanding their international perspectives. While in SXPI, all the Indonesian teachers have contacted the cultural customs of this ancient city, Xianyang, have appreciated the rich history of Shaanxi province and have felt the tremendous development achievements of China. Especially, they have also seen the fruitful reform and achievements of SXPI and have established a deep friendship with SXPI teachers.

In her speech, President Zhang Xiaoyun pointed out that with the continued implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, cooperations and exchanges on TVET educations between China and Indonesia would be more extensive and in-depth in the future. She believed that taking this training exchange as a good opportunity, the two sides would make further progress and be able to achieve mutual development on the basis of learning from each other. “SXPI will continue to open the door to international cooperation in running schools. By effectively learning good practices and experience of Indonesian TVET institutions, we will continue to explore the new mode of internationalized schooling and actively promote the new development of TVET education in the promotion of the internationalization of SXPI.” She said.

In his speech, Dr. Susanto first showed his sincere thanks for the hospitality of SXPI and its considerate training arrangement for the 16 Indonesian teachers. He believed that in the past one month, these Indonesian teachers must have gained a lot. They must have known how to operate the advanced teaching equipment that they never contacted in Indonesia and must have learned how to develop school-enterprise cooperation based on the mode of SXPI. At the same time, he said, “you must have experienced the distinctive local food, have felt the friendliness of local people and have known more about Chinese rich culture. Most of all, I believe that you may have learned the highly responsible attitude towards work of SXPI teachers and their craftsmanship spirit.” He hoped that after this training, all the teachers could apply what they have learned in China to the specific teaching practice when they returned to Indonesia and could share the beneficial points to the other teachers of their local school and spared no effort to improve the quality of Indonesian TVET education. He gave high recognition of this training and thought it was far from enough to just have one-month training, hoping that further cooperation relationship could be established. What’s more, he also gave his high expectations to the Indonesian exchange students who have studied in SXPI for nearly one year, telling them to cherish the studying opportunity to work hard and gain more.

Apart from these, the representative teachers from Indonesia,Mr. Wajih and Mr. Hotman, gave their speeches respectively. They said that although the traing was just one-month long, what they gained was rich and plentiful. They have not only learned beneficial professional knowlege, but also improved their skills and updated their teaching concepts. They praised that SXPI had supplied a good platform for the exchange of TVET education between Indonesia and China. And they did hope that this program could continue and a more deep exploration could be done on expertise so that a lot more Indonesian TVET teachers could benifit a lot from this program. “We wish that our friendship will last forever and we sincerely expect that SXPI teachers and students could come to Indonesia to be our guests.” They said.

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