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Dr.Mohammad Sofian from Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture Visited SXPI


On March 12, Director of the Teacher Development Center of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Dr. Ir. Mohammad Sofian Asmirza, MSc, visited SXPI and communicated with the Indonesian teachers who have come to SXPI for training from March 5. SXPI Party Secretary Mr. Hui Zhaoyang and Vice President, Mr. Mei Chuangshe met Mr. Sofian in the conference room.

Mr. Hui Zhaoyang first gave a basic introduction of SXPI, especially the international exchanges and cooperation in recent years. He said, “It’s our great pleasure to welcome all the 16 Indonesian teachers from Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to come to SXPI for training. And we will spare no effort to give the utmost support for the successful completion of training, both on the accommodations and teaching contents. Through this training in Automation and Construction Technology, we are expecting to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Indonesia and we will make full use of our high-quality teaching resources to provide more training programs for teachers in Indonesia and even ASEAN countries.

Mr. Sofian first showed his thanks to the hospitality of SXPI. He said that before the meeting, he has visited the campus and has communicated with the 16 Indonesian teachers trained in school. He really felt that the college leaders and teachers had done their best for this training and did a lot of meticulous work. He was very pleased with all the high-level arrangement of SXPI, including teaching, visiting and living services. He agreed with Secretary Hui Zhaoyang’s proposal and hoped that based on this training, the two sides would work together to continue the training program for Indonesian teachers. He was also very happy to recommend SXPI to the leadership of the Indonesian Ministry of Education to expand the two sides’ cooperation projects in the field of TVET education.



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