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Indonesian TVET Teachers Come to SXPI for Training


On March 5, 2019,SXPI held the opening ceremony of the 2019 TVET Teachers Overseas (China) Training Program of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.SXPI President, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, Vice President, Mr. Mei Chuangshe , the representatives from Teacher Development Center of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Sunardi and Mr. Hotman, the Indonesian TVET teachers, SXPI Indonesian international students and corresponding main leaders attended this ceremony.

This training program had 16 Indonesian teachers in total, of which 8 teachers were specialized in Electrical Installation, 8 teachers were in Property and Construction. They came from different TVET institutions of Indonesia and were sent by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Based on their major, SXPI divided these teachers into two groups to conduct one-month professional training in automation and construction technology at the School of Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. So far, SXPI has successfully held the Indonesian teacher and student study camp and has adopted Indonesian students since last year. This project was another important international cooperation project that could strengthen cooperation with Indonesia and other countries along “the Belt and Road”.

In her speech, President Zhang Xiaoyun said that China and Indonesia have enjoyed a long history of exchanges and have established profound friendship. This training would definitely be an important chance to continue to write the story of friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.She hoped that Indonesian teachers could make full use of this learning and training opportunity. By combining theoretical and practical learning, corporate visits and cultural visits,they could not only increase their professional knowledge, but also better understood China’s vocational education, touched Chinese history and culture and felt the great achievements of China’s development in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.Besides, she hoped that during the training period, the Indonesian teachers could actively introduce the advanced experience of vocational education development in their own country and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the further development of education, teaching, specialty and curriculum construction of SXPI. “I believe that with this study and training as an opportunity, we will establish a long-run and stable cooperative relationship on vocational education of us two countries and we can achieve mutual development on the basis of good cooperation”, she said.

Mr. Sunardi, in his speech said,“There is a famous saying in Indonesia that if you want to learn more, go to China.” For Indonesians, China has been a developed country today and it was valuable for the Indonesian government to send teachers to China to learn from the advanced experience, especially in vocational education. Besides, he stated that the automation and construction technology in China has been very advanced and he believed that after one-month study in SXPI, they would improve their professional skills and laid a firm foundation for better education and teaching activities in Indonesia.

Apart from these, as the teacher representative of SXPI who undertook this training task, Ms. Tianyuan from School of Electrical Engineering, said that they would adhere to high standards and strict requirements, flexibly used the teaching mode, and continuously enriched the training content, paid attention to the differences between China and Indonesia. And she hoped that through the joint efforts of Chinese and Indonesian teachers, they could not only help Indonesian teachers broaden their horizons, but also enriched their professional knowledge and improved their skills.



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