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SXPI Held The 4th China-US Rising Star Study Tour


From January 10 to 13, the 4thChina-US Rising Star Study Tour, which attracted nearly 60 college students from the USA and China, visited Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute. During the time in SXPI, the Chinese and American youths conducted extensive and multi-dimensional exchanges and interactions through cultural courses, corporate visits, cultural experiences, and Chinese and foreign youth friendship dialogues. Through these colorful activities, the students experienced Shaanxi's history, culture, modernity, technology and urban charm. The tour in Shaanxi helps them to enhance cross-cultural understanding, communication skills, and professionalism pride.

On the farewell ceremony, SXPI vice President Mei Chuangshe said that the tour promoted the exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and American applied college students. The students experienced the charm of Chinese tradition and modern culture through the interaction when they jointly took the kinds of activities. He said that with the in-depth implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the exchanges between China and the United States will be more extensive and in-depth. The vocational colleges of the two countries will be able to learn from each other on the basis of in-depth cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

Student representatives said that the activities in Shaanxi not only enhanced the exchanges between Chinese and American youth, but also enhanced their friendship, and broadened their horizons, increased their knowledge, and improved their ability to communicate in foreign languages.

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