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Special Contribution Award Conferred to John Smith


SXPI Party Secretary Hui Zhaoyang presented Mr. John Smith with a Special Contribution Award Certificate and Medal at the symposium on John Smith working in SXPI for 10 years on December 25, 2018. Mr. John Smith, the winner of the “Sanqin Friendship Award” from Shaanxi government in 2015, has been teaching English in SXPI since 2009. The Special Contribution Award was conferred to John for commending his important contribution to SXPI teaching works.

At the symposium, Mr. John reviewed his 10 years of teaching experience in SXPI and shared his touching stories about caring for students. He said that he likes the teaching very much. He is a member of the college family, students just like his family. He cares, helps, counsels and supports students. It is his unshirkable duty and responsibility to teach and help students to have decent life.

Party Secretary Hui Zhaoyang said that in the past 10 years, Mr. John has devoted himself into SXPI teaching work, integrated himself into China, into the college, this reflects his love of life, love of education, and love of students. Mr. John has a very noble character which shall be learn by all faculties and staffs in our college. Mr. John's good work style, especially through the establishment of scholarships, leading students to participate in Running Girl and other activities to motivate and help students, set a good example for us how to teach, how to care for students.

Mr. John is an Australian born in 1950. He has a postgraduate degree and has been teaching in SXPI since August 2009. He is mainly responsible for English teaching in business English and hotel management. During his 10 years working in SXPI, Mr. John has generously contributed to the college and students. Through the establishment of John Smith Scholarships, organizing a variety of teaching and entertaining activities, he has encouraged students to study hard and improve their learning interest. In the past 10 years, John has spent his nearly 700,000 RMB on his students for studying. Due to Mr. John’s outstanding contribution to the education in China, in 2015, the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government awarded Mr. John the “Sanqin Friendship Award”.






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