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New Year's Party Held for International Students


With the Spring Festival approaching, in order to let international students have a happy and meaningful Chinese New Year. On the 23rd day of the lunar calendar, SXPI held a New Year party on the theme of “Meeting in SXPI, Feeling the Chinese New Year”.

All the international students did not return to their hometowns in this year winter vacation, they insist on studying Chinese courses at the college. This is their first "Chinese Year" in China. At the beginning of the party, International students sent their New Year greetings in Chinese. They expressed their best wishes to SXPI, thanked the Chinese teachers and students for their help, and expressed their best wishes to their families. At the party, international students performed unique cultural programs with Chinese students, including Bangladeshi folk dances, Indonesian songs, and Chinese Erhu performances. German teacher Ms Steffi performed Chinese martial arts. The party is full of laughing, and it is a happy scene that shows the harmonious exchange of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Then, teacher Yuan Xiaying, wrote the Spring Festival couplet for international students and showed them the different font forms of the word "Fu". The profoundness of Chinese calligraphy makes the students amazed. In the dumplings making, the students further felt the strong Chinese taste. With the teacher’s help, they learned the dumplings of various shapes. Every student showed their talents and was busy that time. After the cooked dumplings came up, everyone rushed to taste it and said: This is the most delicious dumpling that I have ever eaten. At the end of the event, SXPI vice president Mei Chuangshe gave New Year’s gifts to foreign teachers and international students, extended his cordial greetings and sincere wishes to them.

By hosting the "Year of China" party, international students deeply feel the charm of traditional Chinese festivals and the joy of Chinese New Year .

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