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Delegation from English Language Institute, America, Visited SXPI


On December 14, Kristina Grothen, China National Director of Partnerships and Programs of English Language Institute (ELIC),the United States, accompanied by Mrs. Tian Xiaofei, the project manager of China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), visited SXPI with a vision to build quality vocational education cooperation. SXPI Vice President, Mei Chuangshe, and officials from International Cooperation and Exchange Center, heads of Public English Department met the delegation.

Vice President Mei delivered his warmest welcome to Kristina and Mrs Tian Xiaofei. He introduced SXPI from the aspects of school history, school-enterprise cooperation, practical teaching, international exchanges and cooperation. Most importantly, he hoped that SXPI and ELIC could establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, through which innovating the mode of foreign-teachers’ introduction and promoting the quality education of foreign language and cultural learning.

Mrs. Christina firstly showed her appreciation to the hospitality and warmest reception of SXPI and expressed her high appreciation for the achievements SXPI has made. She also introduced ELIC in details with its management mode, foreign teachers’ recruitment and training, teaching team construction and teaching supervision mode. She said that ELIC has been operating English teachers program in China for more than 30 years and has successfully kept cooperating with many universities in China. She expected to establish a brand new cooperation with SXPI in English teachers program and open a new situation for further collaborations with Chinese TVET Institutions through this visit.

ELIC is a private non-profit education organization in the United States. Its core work is to select those who are interested in English education in North America to come to Asia to serve as English teachers. Since 1981, ELIC has established the cooperative relationship with the National Bureau of Foreign Experts. So far, it has dispatched more than 12,000 English experts and teachers to China, of which 7 have won the “Friendship Award” of Chinese government and more than 30 have won national and provincial recognition.



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