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SXPI Party Secretary Hui Met International Students


“China have a saying, a good start is the half of the success, as the first batch of international students in SXPI 69 years history, I do hope you do well and make success in your academic and three years life here. ” said Mr Hui Zhaoyang, SXPI party secretary, when he met SXPI international students on December 11.

2018 is the milestone year for SXPI as it begins to deliver programs for 17 international students from Indonesia and Bangladesh, which is also the start of international students programs for TVET in Shaanxi province. In the background of Belt and Road Initiative, with quick and quality development of China TVET, recent years, SXPI promotes its internationalization by promoting students and teachers to visit and study in foreign countries. With international students coming here to study Chinese and different 3 year majors, SXPI opens its new chapter of internationalization with a balance made by Chinese students Going Out and international students Coming In.

“Now I do have three hopes to you for studying in SXPI” said Hui. “I Hope you study well, hope you have a good health, hope you live well”.

Before the meeting, Mr. Hui visited international students dormitory, asked if they can adapt to the life here in China, especially the cold winter, different environment and culture. All the international students expressed their appreciation for the help and support SXPI teachers and student volunteers have been given, they are excited and happy to study in SXPI.

During the meeting, Mr, Hui also discussed the teaching details for international students with teachers and deans.


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