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International Students Arrival for Diploma Study


October 18 would be written in SXPI history as the college held opening ceremony for its first batch 17 international students, who came to China pursuing three year diploma and Chinese language study. The students are from Indonesia and Bangladesh, where they finished high school study. This is a big step for SXPI to broaden its international education under the background of Belt and Road Initiative. In early 2018, the college hosted 68 international students from Indonesia and Malaysia for short time study. The arrival of international students for diploma study is also a breakthrough for Shaanxi TVET on the internationalization.

“Inclusive and beautiful SXPI are welcoming you to study and live here.” said SXPI president Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun on the opening ceremony. “I believe three year study here will be your most proud experience, and, make the foundation for your future success.” She hopes the international students cherish the study opportunity, works hard on academic and makes Chinese friends on the campus, to become a talent person who can promote the friendship between China and their own country when they graduate.

Mr. Sun Jianning, Deputy Director, Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, hopes SXPI, with recruiting international students as the new start, to further learn the advanced TVET experience from the world, to make even more contributions for Shaanxi TVET international cooperation and exchanges. He wishes the international students make contributions for the cooperation and friendship between Sino-Indonesia and Sino- Bangladesh with the study in SXPI.

“I appreciate the opportunity offered to Indonesian student. I wish to promote more and more cooperation with SXPI and colleges in Shaanxi on students and teachers exchanges.” Said Dr.ABSusanto, Executive Director, Viva College, Indonesia.

“Here, I want to thank SXPI for offering the studying opportunity. I will work hard and make improvement every day, not only academic, but also how to be a decent person. I will try to learn Chinese and the culture well.” Said Miss Grashellin, who is from Indonesia among the international students.

The Opening Ceremony for 2018 International Students of SXPI

Mr. Sun Jianning gives speech

Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun gives speech

Dr. Susanto gives speech

Mr. Mei Chuangshe gives speech

Representative of international students give speech


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