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SXPI Makes New Friend, Douglas College, Canada


On June 7,Dr. Kathy Denton, President of Douglas College(DC), visited SXPI and signed MOU with Mr. Mei Chuangshe, vice president of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute. DC other top administrators include John Evans, Board Chair,Dr.Thor Borgford and Dr. Guangwei Ouyang, vice presidents visited together.

SXPI vice presidents, Mei Chuangshe and Yang Weijun, welcomed Dr. Kathy Denton and her delegation in the No.1 conference room. “Dr. Kathy Denton, We are very honored to host you and your leadership team visit SXPI today. I strongly believe the foundation of a long last and fruitful cooperation will be made by the visit of you today. I also believe the future of DC and SXPI will be very beautiful with the cooperation we make” Said Mei Chuangshe in his welcoming speech.

After watching SXPI promotion video, Kathy Denton said, “We can see SXPI is very excellent from the video we just watched. DC and SXPI have much similar area in teaching model and education concept. We hope to find out the common interest and area to promote our cooperation”.

According to the MOU signed by Mei Chuangshe and Kathy Denton after the meeting, SXPI and DC will work together on students and teachers exchange, courses and other areas cooperation. on the same day,Dr. Peng Mengjiao, a specialist in chemical engineering in SXPI, received an invitation for visiting scholar to Douglas College from Guangwei Ouyang, she becomes the first person benefiting from the cooperation between SXPI and DC.

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