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The Seventh year, SXPI Students Enjoy ISU Experience in Germany


Totally, SXPI 27 students and 4 teachers went for the International Summer University (ISU) in Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany in seven consecutive years since the two universities signed cooperation agreement in 2011.

Yang Jianrui, a civil engineering studying student,experienced his first short term oversea university life in Germany couple days ago.With four other SXPI students, he went to Germany for an annual event ofInternational Summer University in Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences from May 5 to 20. The two weeks event mainly offered courses on sustainable energy technologies, such as energy from wind, sun and water, etc. The participants got an impression of Germany and the region by attending lectures given by German Professors on history, geography and culture as well as visits to local enterprises,cities like Berlin,and places of interest.

“Even it is only two weeks, but, I really learn a lot. The feeling is so real and happy.I appreciate the people and things I encountered during the German trip which made my life colorful.” Said, Miss Wang Miaomiao, a Chemical Engineering studying student, who is one of the five students recently returned from Germany.


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