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SXPI and Taiwan Partners Cooperate on Scholar Visiting Program


For the purpose of enhancing the cooperation between SXPI and its partners in Taiwan, improving the capability of SXPI teachers teaching and research, with the invitation of the Taiwan universities, Mr.Song Chengji, associate professor in Information Engineering School, Ms.Hou Yanfang, and Mr.An Yaqiang, teaching staffs in Civil Engineering School, respectively arrived in Chaoyang University of Technology and Chienkuo Technology University in Taiwan on last Sunday for twomonths visiting scholar program.

During the period of the scholar visiting, through attending class and workshop,visiting the faculties and interviews, SXPI scholars will study and learn the experienceo f technical universities in Taiwan on developing programs, teaching organizing,school and enterprise cooperation, students affairs, science and research,international cooperation, etc. They will also focus on the majors, fully communicate with the Taiwan scholars on specialty, curricula, science and research, to find out a cooperation model between them.

It is the first time that SXPI cooperates with its Taiwan partners for half term visiting scholar program. Since 2009, when SXPI began its Model TVET institution program, the cooperation between SXPI and Technical universities in Taiwan was greatly promoted as the number of double way communication of students and teachers reaches 263 persons, which facilitated the learning between the mainland and island, greatly benefited the youth on friendship and teaching staffs on improving teaching capability.


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