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Workshop Held for Sino-NZ TVET Teacher Training Cooperation


Wintect,a TVET institution in New Zealand, and SXPI held workshop for their jointly developing Sino-NZ TVET Teacher Training Base on April 9th, SXPI president Zhang Xiaoyun, and Wintect SINO-NZ model programme director Tony O'Brien attended.


Focused on the model structure of the training base and its online system, courses development and delivery, quality assurance, participants from China and New Zealand exchanged ideas, and, finally reached consensus, which made the foundation for SXPI and Wintec to formally launch the base.

“ I am pleased to say that the training base will be the fruits of the cooperation between SXPI and Wintec on teachers training since 2015. SXPI already is the national training base for Chinese TVET teachers. Now, the training base that SXPI is building with Wintec will give SXPI the ability to offer more quality and internationalized training programmes and share its international experience with TVET teachers from China”, Said Zhang Xiaoyun on the workshop.

The Sino-NZ TVET Teacher Training Base will also be a fruit between China and New Zealand on TVET cooperation since the two government signed education cooperation agreement in Beijing in 2013, promoting cooperation on TVET institutions is one of the important items in the agreement.


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