Cooperation Expected on Innovation and Entrepreneurship between SXPI and Wintec-Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute
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Cooperation Expected on Innovation and Entrepreneurship between SXPI and Wintec


A seminar focusing on China-New Zealand TVET Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center was held on January 18 in Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute. Dr. John Clayton, Wintec expert of the China –New Zealand Model Program, SXPI president Zhang Xiaoyun, vice president, Mei Chuangshe and other officials, a few teachers attended the meeting.

The proposal for an joint innovation and entrepreneurship research center was made by SXPI and Wintec based on good cooperation of teachers training programmes, especially the Train the Trainer programme with SXPI five teachers participated. The center will mainly promote China TVET teachers development programme, especially their capability of innovation and entrepreneurship training. Also, undertaking TVET research and international conference will be conducted by the center. As one part of the Sino-NZ TVET cooperation model programme which was proposed by the education authorities of China and New Zealand, the center will need to be approved from both governments before it officially open.

“I am pleased to see that we are working on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship research center with our NZ partner. I expect the big progress on internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship education will be made by SXPI after the center established.”said Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun.

At the meeting, Dr. John Clayton presented the center profile from its vision, mission, structure and risk prevention. He emphasized that it is expected that SXPI will be upgraded to a more innovation and entrepreneurship institute after the center set up.

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