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China TVET Action in Zambia, SXBC Reported


Mr. Hou Wei and other four SXPI teachers told their stories in Africa at the Satellite Channel of SXBC(Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation) on Sunday, January 7. The 20 minutes programme named New Vision of Silk Road attracted much attention in China as the country is upgrading its New Time modern TVET into a more advanced system by well integrating to the international TVET community. TVET serving the One Belt, One Road initiative is now one of the hot topic among China TVET institutions and other stakeholders. Chinese government encourages, and incentives institutions to spread its unique TVET to the One Belt, One Road countries through the way of recruiting foreign students, establishing Oversea branch campus and training local employees for Chinese industries.

As one of the pioneer colleges in China to spread TVET to Oversea, especially in the One Belt, One Road countries, Shaaxi Polytechnic Institute, designated by Ministry of Education, has been dispatching teachers to train local employees for China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group)Co.,Ltd in Zambia since 2016. Until now, SXPI has dispatched 5 teachers and 2 administrators to Zambia to undertake the training programme. Big progress has been made by SXPI as the training has been well welcomed by Zambian people and the enterprises.

In the TV programme, Mr Hou Wei, Mr.Zhang Wenting, Mr Zhang Shunxing, Ms. Luo Mei, Ms. Li Zongying shared their colorful stories from the living and working, friendship with Zambian people,to difficulties they faced. They express their good will for China TVET, and the Belt and Road initiative.

“We like to extend our unique and advanced teaching to students from the One Belt, One Road countries, Share our experience,help the least developed countries to develop TVET” said Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun,president of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute.

New Vision of Silk Road is SXBC flagship program,it focuses on policy,silk road story and other newly development of the One Belt, One Road in China.

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