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SXPI Signed MOU with Indonesian Colleges


An Indonesian college delegation visited SXPI for seeking cooperation on students program on December 22. A fruitful result was made as Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, SXPI president, respectively signed MOU with Dr. S.W. Jusman, vice president of STIE Mandala, and Dr. A.B.Susanto, Board Director of Kopertip. SXPI vice president Mei Chuangshe, directors from Academic Office, Students Affairs and International Office participated in the meeting with the delegation and witnessed the signing of MOU.

At the meeting, Dr. A.B.Susanto presented Indonesian higher education system and Indonesian students studying in some higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu, eastern China. He hoped that Kopertip and Indonesia colleges and universities can cooperate with SXPI on students program, mainly Indonesian students studying in SXPI. “It will serve China’s One Belt, One Road initiative and the demands for skills persons and technicians in the development of Indonesia economy and society”

“As one of the top higher vocational colleges in China, SXPI has the advantage of strong teaching forces and experience in TVET. We are willing to develop the students programs with colleges and universities from Indonesia. We hope to serve the One Belt, One Road initiative by recruiting Indonesian students to study in China.” Said Zhang Xiaoyun, “We are willing to pass on our experience and knowledge to our neighbor countries students. It will not only be showing our strength in international TVET community, but also will be serving Indonesian economic and social development ”

After the meeting, the delegation toured SXPI campus and gave high appraise of SXPI advanced teaching facilities.

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