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Annual 6000RMB Scholarship Established by John Smith


A scholarship awarding ceremony was held on November 24, Friday. Quan Ximeng, a second year Business English student, is winner of the 6000RMB scholarship in 2017 for her hard working and excellence on academic. The scholarship is a little bite special as it was founded by John Smith, one of SXPI foreign teachers, who has been working in SXPI as Business English teacher since 2009. John is from Australia,but he is dual nationality of Australia and Britain. John is the winner of Sanqin Frindship from the Shaanxi government in 2015.

“Scholarships are an important part of school life and are designed to help people” said John“As a result of learning about her death, I wanted to do something to remember her. I have therefore, established an annual scholarship for Second Year Business English students to help and encourage them to be good students, to do good things, to help others and to represent the ideals that Shifan had.”

John recalled the beautiful time with Shi Fan when she was studying Business English in SXPI couple years ago. She was dead of illness this summer. The news shocked John when he was on vacation in Australia.To memory Shi Fan and encourage his other students, John established John Smith Scholarship with his own money for Business English students in SXPI. Quan Ximeng is the first student benefiting from the scholarship.

“I hope we should learn from John Smith, from his kindness of establishing the scholarship as it demonstrates spirit of dedication to our society”, said Zhang Xiaoyun,SXPI president. “ On behalf of SXPI, I express my heartfelt appreciation and highest respect to Mr.John Smith. I hope our students can learn from him and to be decent persons”

Ms.Zhang Xiaoyun, SXPI president,awards the scholarship donation certificate to Mr. John Smith

Quan Ximeng, winner of 2017 John Smith Scholarhsip,poses with John

John and his students

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