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Seminar Held on Teaching Standard Design for Going Out TVET Program


A seminar on teaching standard for Chinese industry’s Zambian employees training was held in Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute recently. Officials from Ministry of Education, Shaanxi Education department, Nonferrous Metals Industry and leaders and teachers from nine higher vocational colleges attended the conference and discussed how to develop a scientific and mature teaching framework. The framework is mainly for skills training to foreign employees of Chinese industries, especially, the nonferrous metals industry, in Zambia and other developing countries.

To meet China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd’s urgent demand for its local employees skills training in Zambia. In early 2016, Ministry of Education carried out a pilot program to promote vocational institutes go out of China to offer service for Chinese industries and products. Eight higher vocational colleges, includes SXPI, participated in the program and have been dispatching experts and lecturers to train Zambian employees’ skills for China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. The pilot program has gone for over one year, and great success has made. The aim of the pilot is to establish a Chinese model vocational institute in Zambia, which will be very helpful to offer Chinese industries quality employees. Also, it will benefit Zambian economic development. A suitable teaching and training standard for Zambian employees is urgently needed as the program goes on.

“I wish the seminar a success as it will greatly promote the Going Out program to a high level if a teaching standard can be created.” said Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, president of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, ”I hope it is a good opportunity for SXPI to reform its teaching by working on the Going Out teaching standard design”

“Under the background of One Belt, One Road initiative, Chinese vocational institutes collaborate with industry going out is very meaningful, it helps to spread Chinese culture and skills while support the employees development for oversea Chinese industry. I hope the participating institutes cherish the opportunity and work hard on the pilot program” said Sun Jianning, director of International Cooperation, Shaanxi Education Department.

“I expect a national teaching standard for Going Out program can be created soon, it should has unique industry character and well meet the oversea employees training and teaching demand” Said, Wang Guochuan, official of Ministry of Education.

As the main coordinator for the Going Out program, Mr. Song Kai, vice CEO of Human Resources of China Nonferrous Metal industry, introduced the newly development of Going Out program and its next plan of establishing a vocational institute in Zambia.

The seminar has made deep discussion on the guideline of standard setting, and the standards on teaching program , training and its material and resources, organization and management, courses and the "going out" logo.

Wang Guochuan, Official of Ministry of Education

Sun Jianning, Director of International Cooperation, Shaanxi Education Department.

Zhang Xiaoyun, President of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute

The seminar has made deep discussion on issues concerning the Going Out teaching standard

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