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SXPI Training Foreign Employees for Chinese Enterprises in Zambia


Recently, an electrical machinery repair training class was opened for local employees of Chambishi Copper Smelter(CCS) in Zambia. CCS is affiliated to China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co.,Ltd, a well known stated controlled enterprise. Ms. Luo Mei, associate professor from CNC Engineering School, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, is undertaking some PLC technology training for CCS workers. Ms. Luo is the fifth faculty dispatched by SXPI to Zambia to train local employees for Chinese enterprises in Zambia after four faculties did the same work last year.

Early 2017, China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co.,Ltd wrote a thanks letter to the Ministry of Education, China, to express gratitude for a few higher vocational colleges, including SXPI, offering technology training to its Zambian employees. With the One Belt and One Road Initiative, collaborating with industry to explore the world markets becomes the new mission for Chinese vocational education as it has been offering huge number skilled talents for the development of Chinese industry and economy in past years. For the Ministry of Education, one of its focus now is to promote Chinese vocational education going to the world stage as China has over 1300 higher vocational colleges, the biggest vocational and technical education in the world. To meet oversea Chinese industry urgent requirement for skilled workers and support them with its technology and training is now one of the key works for some vocational colleges in China. As one of top China higher vocational colleges,  SXPI is the poineer to spread its education and teaching to Afria by sending its faculties to Zambia. SXPI following grand plan is to establish a Chinese model vocational college in Zambia.  

Now, in Zambia, Ms. Luo mainly takes PLC control technology training task. The biggest challenge for her is English, the training language. In order to successfully complete the training task, Ms. Luo has done a lot of preparatory work. Before the training, with the help of Mr. Liang Chimin, director of the China Vocational Education Coordinating Enterprises to Zambia programme, she visited a few local Chinese enterprises to well understand the requirement for the training. She also fully prepared the English teaching content before class to ensure that the training is practical and efficient. At the moment, her training attracts many trainees and the result looks great.

Ms. Luo Mei is undertaking PLC technology training for CCS workers
Ms. Luo Mei is with CCS Zambian workers

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