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Seminar on Foreign Teachers Held


On the occasion of the 33rd Teacher's Day, SXPI held aseminar on foreign teachers in the German language training room, Chongming buildingon September 7. Mr. Liu Yongliang, Deputy Secretary of SXPI Party Committee and Vice President, foreign teachers and officials from concerned departments attended the meeting to honor the big occasion. The seminar was presided by Mr.Li Wei, Director of Foreign Affairs Office.

Mr. Liu Yongliang gave his best wishes and greetingsto the five foreign teachers who come from America, Germany and Australia for foreign language teaching. He introduced the historical evolution of Teachers’Day and the achievements made by SXPI recent years on students enrollment andemployment, academic work, the campus construction, comprehensive ranking and foreign affairs work. He said that foreign teachers have undertaken on a large number of foreign language teaching and working on international exchange and cooperation. They love their job, caring for students, which made deep impression on students and teachers. On behalf of the whole SXPI, he forwarded his appreciation to foreign teachers for their contributions to SXPI development.

Foreign teachers said thanks for SXPI offering their good working and living conditions, then, they gave advices on international students enrollment, teaching facilities maintenance and construction of language centers and training facilities. They said they would continue to work hard for the benefits of students and the school.

Mr. Liu Yongliang gave a positive response to suggestions made by foreign teachers. He said SXPI hoped to resolve its problems and weakness by efforts on new campus construction, strengthening on teaching facilities maintenance. He said, foreign teachers are very important forces in SXPI development. With this foreign team, SXPI is confident that it will become a better and better college, and the future of the college would be more beautiful.

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