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Oversea Professional Development Opportunity Offered to SXPI Teachers


Ms.Geng Fanna, associate professor from SXPI Electrical Engineering School, with other 12 SXPI teachers,is taking a training and research program for professional development in technical and vocational education in Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), New Zealand since June 19, 2017. SXPI has already sent 24 teaching staffs and administrators trained in Wintec since the cooperation established in early 2016. Ms.Geng is enjoying her time in Wintec, not only the beautiful environment and cool weather in NZ, but also the quality training given by Dr John Clayton, which includes course work,study and the mentoring to complete at least one module of the course. It is expected that Ms. Geng and her peers well benefit from the program by opening their international vision, improving their teaching, research and English speaking abilities.

Developing its teaching staffs’professional capability, especially international capability is SXPI strategy to build excellent teaching forces at the time of China developing its Modern Vocational Education.SXPI has already dispatched 359 teachers to different countries and regions for professional development since 2000. This summer break, SXPI has dispatched 61 teachers to Germany, Britain, USA, Canada, Russia, Zambia and Taiwan region for different programs which span from 2 weeks to three months. Especially, for some teachers, it is the second times, even three times to undertake the oversea professional program since they joined SXPI.

“My language improved a lot, at least, I can independently communicate with my mentor in English. I made a lot of harvest”, said Ms.Geng. ”Everybody is studying very hard because we have very good living and studying environment. Wintec arranges us in very comfortable living dorms and offers good food, Everybody is happy”.

Going to the world is the unchangeable trend for China vocational colleges as The One Belt and One Road strategy brings much opportunity. Offering its teachers the opportunity to develop the international capability is vital for SXPI to well involve into the world VET community and maintain its status as one of top higher vocational colleges in China. According to its Thirteen Five Year Plan, SXPI would dispatch over 50 teachers each year to its international partners for scholar exchange, research, courses development and education aid, which will make the foundation for SXPI to well improve its teaching and internationalization.

SXPI Teachers with Their Mentor in Wintec, New Zealand

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SXPI Teachers in Bradford College, Britain

SXPI Teachers in Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, Germany

SXPI Teachers in Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan, China

SXPI Teachers and Students in Red River College, Canada

SXPI Teachers and Students in Newcastle College, Britain

SXPI Teachers and Students in Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES), Russia

SXPI and Wintec, NZ, Developing Train the Trainner Program

Ms. Luo Mei, SXPI CNC Technology Teacher, is Participating in a Training for Local Employees of Chinese Industries in Zambia

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